-The Vivian Beckley Performing Arts Players-



directed by

John Gilkey


created & PERFORMED by :

Imagine a world without dinners. The void, the mixed messages, the lies. Now fast forward to 1994. Vivian Beckley, a self-made panic specialist, takes a good, hard look at her passion roadmap and says, "No more spinal injuries." Armed with a pillowcase and a few empty boxes, she gets into her Camry and begins serving up A-R-T to anyone with promising energy. Vivian's quest for creative power takes her to conference rooms, prisons, and dairy clubs across the Bible Belt. Her following grows rapidly and ferociously. Adults admire her fresh scent and accountability. Children cling to her sandals, and get dragged around in the dirt. After several decades of touring as a solo artisan, Vivian expands her vision to include a company of like-minded Art-chievers™. Today, the Vivian Beckley Performing Art Players continue to break the lungs of America as they prove over and over that art cannot exist in a teacup - we must break porcelain, shred evidence, and challenge the elderly if we are to be seen seeing. Vivian died in 2016, in three parts. She would have wanted it that way.



Photos by Jonny Cruz