-The truck show-




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hosted by

tyler watson & kevin krieger


past performers include :

Seth Allison, Chad Damiani, Michael Lieberman, Katie Adůlt Orr, Jane Osborn, Juzo Yasushi Yoshida, Helene Udy, Caitlyn Conlin, Joel Axelrod, Vivian Martinez, Nat Towsen, Skip Heller, Alec Jones-Trujillo, Nina Tarr, Vanessa Vazquez & Sam Trillo, Claire Titelman, Blayn Barbosa, Al Naz, Elisabeth Hower, Marilyn Mineo, Melissa Kirk, Max Baumgarten, Kirby Howell Baptiste, Don Colliver, Dave Honigman, Donny Divanian, Kristina Nekyia, Ian Abramson, Jim Klimek, Kellan Meador, John Wyatt, Danielle Agami, Natalie Palamides, Bill Posley, Scotch Wichmann



Kevin Krieger and Tyler Watson have rented a moving truck and you have the chance to pile on inside it and witness a wild show you won't see anywhere else.

Is this illegal? We're not sure!