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Wow! So! Alive!

Wow So Alive: Women Lead Now!

Women. Lead. Now!

Wow! So Alive! A monthly (ish) personal growth comedy show

SEPTEMBER: Women. Lead. Now!
The world is boob shaped for a reason. A night of sacred feminine uprising, vagina portraits, pant suit power walks, strategic-dating and more! Real men welcome as we unleash the femmepower within!!!! 

Hosted by Talia Brava ( Lucia Brizzi). With John Wyatt, Shawn Stoner, Margot Kistler, Ian Farley, Matthew Rasenick, Seth Allison, sometimes Joe Mitchell, and more……………….. !

TRANSCEND with Claire Zia Campbelle ( Claire Woolner ) 
Self Defense with Grace Lusk
State of the Union with Melania Trump ( Whitney Rice )
TALENT AGENT Diane Seltzer ( Kiki Milner )
(Amateur) Life Coaching with Gisele ( Jonna Tamases ) 
Celebrity Guest Nina Tarr
Talk to You Dad About Sexism with Chad Damiani

Lucia Brizzi is a real leadership/ creative coach ( ), making Wow! So Alive! the ONLY absurdist comedy show that might change your life.

Tickets! Tickets: 

$8 presale, $10 at door